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The policy is COMPLEX... the concept and your right to have your own adjuster is SIMPLE. Maib Adjustment acts on your behalf and negotiates a fair settlement for your property loss.

The opposite is true for the insurance company representatives. They work on the behalf of the insurer and look out for the best interest of the insurance company.

There is nothing wrong with this situation. It becomes unfair or out of balance when (usually) less skilled people try to adjust their own claim without the experience and policy knowledge required to protect their interest.

Our opinion is that insurance companies would prefer that Maib Adjustment not handle your claim. When we are not involved they enjoy a more controlled and powerful position, because often times the insured is not aware of the proper processes and procedures required to adjust a claim. The insurance company and their people are not “bad”; they simply have a major conflict of interest. Therefore they should never be your choice resource in determining the dollar amount of YOUR claim.



Another benefit is that we return control, order and normality to your life as much as possible. For decades we have worked with policy holders in many different situations, we know the road before you. We also know very well the steps that need to be taken so you make a full recovery.



Occurs when you have an experienced team of professionals working on your behalf ONLY.

It's been our understanding that many people are not familiar with our profession until after they suffer a major loss. While at first some may be a little caught off guard they usually conclude that our service is very logical, practical and one that produces the BEST end result as they move through the claims process.


Many of our past clients refer to us as the "Best Kept Secret Ever".


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