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We believe that we have the best claims management team that can be assembled. By working together as a team we will secure the maximum possible benefits in the shortest possible time frame for you, the insured.

We are a family owned and operated firm which started in the Northwest back in 1987. This is when our loss professionals earned a reputation for being tenacious, thorough, expeditious, as well as effective in their craft. All the while maintaining a high degree of integrity and credibility amongst those in the insurance industry. As time went on we branched out as the demand for our firm increased. Presently we serve the western states as well as Alaska.

We believe that there is no substitution for decades of experience when dealing with very technical claim situations. Time alone is not the only element that fosters wisdom and therefore a favorable recovery. It must be coupled with an ever increasing industry knowledge and a development of proven strategies to obtain the settlement you are entitled to.


Code of Ethics

  • To professionally represent and always maintain an uncompromising allegiance to the policy holder’s financial interest only.
  • No misrepresentation of any kind shall be made to an insured or to the insurance company.
  • Meet all policy deadlines and demands required of the insured.
  • Maintain open communication at all times on all aspects pertaining to the claim.
  • Disclose to the insured all negotiations with the insurance company.
  • Work in harmony with one another, our clients and the insurance company’s representatives, so as to foster a cordial relationship with all branches of the insurance business and the general public.
  • Never accept any settlement offers and or commitments from the insurance company without the insured’s prior approval.


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